Wedding Mantra

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  • Decor & Theme 2

Food & Beverage

No wedding is complete without the elaborate and festive feast. Thus, it requires careful and meticulous planning. The gourmet expert or the Chef plans the menu according to the choice with details for creating menus for the various occasions... from specialty foods such as Lebanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean and, of course, the Oriental are popular. You can have the choicest of exotic cuisines, drinks and desserts from all parts of India. Exotic sweets from Kanpur and Kolkata, Dal-Bati from Rajasthan, Paan from Varanasi can all be sourced at any point of time. We will organize a food tasting session before finalizing your reception and cocktail hour menu. The food is not only about taste, but presentation as well, which has to be perfect. This is also an opportunity to let your caterer know of any special instructions of food allergies to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day.

We make this task easy and comfortable by:

  • Deciding on the caterer & negotiating with him.
  • Drawing up the menu plan & tasting the dishes.
  • Inspecting the cutlery, furniture, linen & hygiene.
  • Taking care of the seating arrangements & proper placements.
  • Arranging for specialties from all over India.
  • Arranging for home cooked meals for family members & in-house guests.
  • Special Mithai Bar, Juice Bar, Fresh fruits Bar, Bakery Bar, Snacks Bar.
  • Flair Bartenders, thematic cocktail/mocktail Bar, Cocktail Menus.